BenQ.Mski_Stellar to Represent Southeast Asia Region in the 2012® World Championship Series Asian Continental Finals

BenQ.Mski_Stellar to Represent Southeast Asia Region in the 2012® World Championship Series Asian Continental Finals

Taipei, Taiwan, August 16th, 2012 – BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, celebrates today the outstanding performance and victorious wins of its sponsored StarCraft II team, Mineski, in the Qualifier and National rounds of the 2012 Battle.netR World Championship Series (WCS) – an international eSports spectacular featuring more than 30 pro-gaming events hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and official tournament organizers in major cities around the world to identify a true global champion. Special congratulations are sent to the BenQ-Mski.Stellar and BenQ-Mski.JaBiTo for finishing first and third, respectively, in the Southeast Asia Nationals. Having come this far, defeating hundreds of players for a hard-earned slot in the Asian Continental Finals, Stellar is more determined than ever to fight on for his country and the team, for a place in the Global Finals.

A professional gaming organization based out of the Philippines, Mineski was founded in 2004 by a group of passionate gamers and friends who took a chance to make the country’s gaming dream a reality. Driven by the pursuit to uplift the professional gaming scene in the Philippines, Mineski served the Philippine gaming community as the spark of light that leads the way to discovering and training the best gamers in the country to become world champions of each competitive genre. The uncompromising spirit, faith-fueled effort and striking performance of Mineski’s professional StarCraft II gaming team caught the eyes of BenQ in early 2012.

As of today, BenQ has signed the team as their official sponsor and taken the steps to help the players succeed in the eSports world – one of which is to provide them with its professional gaming monitors, the RL2450HT, for practice. Co-developed by core product developers and world-renowned gamers, the RL2450HT serves as a powerful companion to assist BenQ-Mineski players craft their gaming skills and to get ready for tournaments. BenQ’s exclusive Black eQualizer color engine technology brightens the image display without over-exposing white levels so critical combat details are revealed with improved visibility in darkened areas. Also, to prevent physical discomfort caused by sitting at a computer for too long, there is the Height Adjustment Stand, which allows gamers to find the most comfortable posture by adjusting the height of the monitor.

“Hard work pays off, but having the right help could also make the difference between winning and losing. We are very glad that the team trained with the best, BenQ’s RL Series. Being able to practice their gameplay using a gamer-designed professional gaming monitor further enabled them to perform strongly during the Qualifier and National rounds,” said Dexter Ancheta, Team Manager of BenQ.Mineski, “We are also extremely proud of BenQ-Mski.Stellar, who triumphed over the final players and claimed his first ever WCS SEA champion title. We wish him the best of luck as he will be facing the most skilled pro gamers from Taiwan and China in the Asian Continental Finals, and battle for the honor to represent Asia in the Grand Finals.”

The 2012 Battle.netR World Championship Series Asian Continental Finals, which will be held in Shanghai, China, from November 17th to 18th, features 32 top finishers from China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore, who are one step closer to becoming the best StarCraft II gamer in the world. Stay tuned and root for BenQ-Mski_Stellar. Many great things are expected of this shining star!

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