BenQ SE26101 26-inch Surgical Display

Different uses, same excellence

Commitment to superior imaging quality and interoperability with other equipment ensures that therequirements of particular medical applications are fully satisfied. A carefully considered interface accommodates users' personal preferences and particular working environments.


Reliable and High-Precision Imaging

Consistent, standards-compliant grayscale images

Conformance with DICOM Part 3.14 ensures that grayscale images are rendered accurately and consistent with their appearance on other imaging devices, so that radiologists and other specialists have a reliable basis for assessment and diagnosis.


Greater grayscale and color range

14-bit grayscale and color LUTs provide dramatically expanded grayscale levels and color values. The result is clearer differentiation of visual detail for easier identification of important features whatever the particular medical application.


Stable, precision-controlled luminance

Advanced luminance control not only ensures an ideal level of brightness that is quickly achieved after powering on, but also provides consistency both during a session of use and over the lifetime of the display.


Wide Viewing Angle

Get a Optimal View


Use of a high-quality IPS LCD panel not only enhances picture quality, but provides wide viewing angles so images and video are perceived accurately even when viewed from an oblique angle.

Advanced signal processing

Optimize video, reduce noise

SE Series displays utilize signal processing chips selected for speed to ensure that video signals from input sources such as endoscopic cameras are rendered on-screen without lag, ghosting, or other visual artifacts that might interfere with the ability to gain an accurate, real-time view.


Streamlined operation

Multiple input/output support

Work with a wide range of other devices

The presence of both legacy interfaces such as VGA and S-Video and modern interfaces such as DVI and 3G-SDI allows input from the widest possible range of analog and digital equipment. In addition, broad inter-face support enables use of the display as part of a modality system, as well as for output to other devices.


Considered design

16:9 aspect ratio

View more with widescreen format

The widescreen format provides a larger viewable area for images and videos as well as for software inter-face elements.


Fan-less design

Reduce infection risks


A fan-less design results in a lighter, more compact device that's better suited to the operating room envi-ronment, while also reducing the risk of circulating airborne pathogens.

IPX3 waterproof design

Prevent liquid damage

A sealed front and IPX3-rated housing protect internals from damage by liquids, while also enabling easy cleaning and disinfection.


Protect Against Errors

An OSD lock prevents accidental overwrites of settings when operating the display, while a notifications system presents real-time warnings about any irregular system conditions.


Superior Displays for Superior Care

Fully Certified

BenQ is committed to ensuring compliance with medical regulations and safety standards. Additionally, all display conform to the ISO 13845 quality management system for medical devices.


Better for the User, and the Environment

An LED backlight not only delivers performance advantages such as higher luminance and better contrast, but also helps preserve the environment through lower power consumption and mercury-free manufacture. In addition, LED backlights sustain their illumination capacity better than do conventional CCFL backlights, offering longer use.