BenQ PW01U Interactive Pen for Interactive Projector

PointWrite Camera Module‎
Compatible projector ‎ MX852UST/MW853UST‎
Touch Technology‎ Infrared 850nm ‎
Multi pen supported ‎ Up to 4 Touch Points(Pen/Finger)‎
Refresh Rate‎ 60 Frames/Sec‎
Software‎ Auto/ Manual16 points‎
Calibration accuracy‎ Max 2pixels‎
Dual screen Calibration‎ Yes‎
Connector‎ 5 pin connector‎
PC USB Type‎ USB 2.0‎
Working area‎ Max 120"‎
USB Cable Distance‎ Max 15meter (5meter USB cable + Repeater)‎
PointWrite Camera Module‎ -‎
Dimension‎ 84.3*31.7*23.8mm‎
Battery Type‎ 1.5v 3A Battery x2‎
PointWrite Pen‎ -‎
*Lamp life results will vary depending on environmental conditions and usage. Actual product's features and specifications are subject to change without notice.